Built-In IKEA Hack

Built-In IKEA Hack

IKEA built-in with havsta cabinets and billycases

Who doesn't love a good IKEA hack? If you say you don't, we all know you are lying! These built-ins turned out better than I could have imagined and my husband and I were complete rookies. We can do it, you can too. 

watch our built-in tiktok here


Here's what we used and what you will need! 

  • 2 Havsta Cabinets with base
  • 4 Billy bookcases (15 3/4x11x41 3/4 ")
  • 2 Bill bookcase height extension unit
  • 2" x 6' wood pieces for trim
  • BIN white shellac base primer
  • Patch-n-paint lightweight spackling
  • Quart Limousine Leather Black by Behr (in cabinet grade)
  • 4" roller + paint tape and tray
  • Corner brackets 
  • Dap Alex flex white premium molding and trim sealant
  • 220 sanding sponge 
  • 4 Knot knobs from CB2 


Our cabinet and bookcases were all different finishes because Ikea was low stock on everything and we pulled what we could to complete the built-in. As we were painting the unit the original finish doesn't matter. 
Before and After IKEA Built-in hack


We started off by building all the Ikea cabinets and bookcases. Then we stacked our bookcases and extensions all on top of each other. We took the time to use L brackets to secure the bookcases to the wall.  

Once we decided where the selfing would permanently live we used patch-n-paint to fill in all the other holes. Then measured and cut and nail gunned (you can also hammer in small nails as well if you do not have a nail gun) all 2" wide wood trim to fill all the spaces between the bookcases to give it that true built-in look. Be sure to also use patch-n-paint to fill in all the nail holes on the trim. 

*we did not use a trim piece between the two havsta cabinets and decided on using paintable DAP caulking to fill that gap as well. 



Once all the patch-n-paint and caulking is completely dried light sand down everything using a 220 grit sanding block. Dust off and prime EVERYTHING. Use two coats if you feel it's needed. 

The best part is the paint and because it is cabinet grade its an easy two coats and a protective coat top is not needed. AND thats it! 

DIY Ikea hack

Watch the whole process here 





Before and After DIY Ikea built-in


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