The Condo

The Condo

Welcome to our first major project, a two bedroom, 2.5 bath condo in serious need of some major TLC. Even though my style has already changed, I'll always have a sweet spot for this condo. It also happened to sit on *Albany Green Street. 

After: Styled. New flooring, fresh paint and the bulky, dated fireplace removed. Cosmetic updates at its finest.

Before: The original walk-through of this condo left me saying no. We slept on it and thought what a great transformation it would be. So began our first full property renovation project. 



The kitchen. Needless to say, it all had to be completely demoed. The cabinets were unable to saved, along with its original flooring. We ripped out both and the small pantry in the kitchen which we relocated under the stairs. 


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