The Laundry Room

The Laundry Room

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Let's make small spaces a luxury. While this laundry room isn't a grand room filled with multiple machines, a sink and dog bath or endless cabinets it still can be beautiful and most importantly functional. 

Laundry room makeover, laundry room ideas, laundry room design

Laundry room makeover, laundry room ideas, laundry room design

Laundry room makeover, laundry room ideas, laundry room design

Laundry room makeover, laundry room ideas, laundry room design

While the space took over 30 hours to complete I would do it again in a heartbeat. A little paint, wallpaper and new functional shelving and drying rack go a very long way. 

As you can see the ceiling height is stunningly high and we were not going to paint all the walls but adding in a touch of color and pattern with wallpaper would surely make the statement. Originally the wallpaper was only going on the cabinet wall but an accidental lost order encourage us to add in a second accent wall. 

I started by removing everything from the space included the crown molding. We painted the cabinets with creamiest gray that leaves you with a cool tone cream finish. I know this is controversial, but I highly recommend taking the time to put a protective top coat on your cabinets. The best way I can describe this gel nail polish verse regular. The truth is that most urethane enamel paints is that they will never harden to the level needed to prevent knicks in your paint. I topped ours with Polycrylic ultra flat protective finish. 

Because you can easily see the bottom of the cabinets I tried to paint them but the paint still didn't look great. We picked up a solid piece of paint grade wood and cut it down to fit perfectly under the cabinet for a seamless modern look. We even added a little piece of trim to mimic the crown molding and I couldn't be happier. 


This is completely unnecessary, but I absolutely love the layered new baseboard trend. I added this to this room simply because I could. It quick, inexpensive and so impactful. I painted it a green to pair it back to the wallpaper.

Then I added in the peel and stick wallpaper. This is the Peony in pine pattern from North and Finch. I went with the peel and stick because I easily change my mind with spaces. Their wallpaper is such high quality I want to use it in every room and I highly recommend. 

As a few finishing touches we added in a drying rod, shelving and the best part a hidden drying rack within our large 36" cabinet door. DIY to follow. 


Cabinet paint is Dove from Behr 
(we had sherwin williams color match this as we personally love their Emerald Urethan Trim Enamel paint) 
Baseboard Paint Heritage Park by Behr
Polycrylic ultra flat protective finish
Peony in Pine Wallpaper from North & Finch 
Brass and Leather Drying Rod 
Light fixture
Gallery Railing for shelving 
Black Marble Cabinet Pulls 
Roman Shade
Glass Jars with bamboo lid



Part 1

Part 2

Part 3



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