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Green Home Book

Green Home Book

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This tome is full of blooming houseplants that will make you crave more greenery at home. But how do you take care of the plants? Don´t worry, in this book you´ll find easy and concise care instructions for over 50 elegant houseplants. The houseplants in this book live in wonderful places. Leaf through the pages and get inspired by the beautiful homes, inventive home decor solutions and great atmosphere. On the pages of the book you can peek into more than 30 individual finnish homes.


Susanna Vento & Riikka Kantinkoski – Green Home Book

Concept and texts: Susanna Vento & Riikka Kantinkoski

Photography: Riikka Kantinkoski

Layout design: Päivi Häikiö Kieli: Suomi ja Englanti

Language : English and Finnish Green.


Made in Finland | Cozy Publishing


163 pages

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